This article is about the radical act of vulnerability — about willingly choosing to reveal the things about yourself that terrify and shame you, about choosing to put everything on the line for your own heart’s liberation, about learning to be a beacon of belonging, and about learning to stand for the practice of humanity.

Start Here: The Practice of Vulnerability

There’s no path to justice without a strong practice of vulnerability. At least: not at this moment in time. Which means our message of, desire for, and work to bring about justice is incomplete if it does not involve vulnerability.

Free Resource: Custom Heart Work for Vulnerability

Heart Work is not a one-off. To live in radically disruptive ways requires intentional practice. Use this checklist to select your custom work-out experiences and build your unique work-out plan.

Video 1: Introducing Radical Vulnerability

Start here to learn more about this month’s exploration of vulnerability.

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