June Course Work: CONFIDENCE

Most people think that if they had more confidence, they would be much more successful. They’d worry less, they’d have less anxiety, they’d have less fear and insecurity, and they’d take bigger risks and feel much better about their work and life and relationships. The problem is: confidence is a piece of shit covered in glitter. It’s false advertisement. It’s fake news. What we really need is self-trust, and trust comes from understanding ourselves deeply and being able to apply compassion to everything we see and do.


Confidence and compassion aren’t binaries or opposites – they’re simply distinct. Each is a unique source we can pull energy from; each is a distinct target we can aim for or pursue. Each is a unique motivator. The biggest difference: confidence is a head game; compassion is a heart game.

Free Resource: Custom Heart Work for Confidence (Compassion)

Heart Work is not a one-off. To live in radically disruptive ways requires intentional practice. Use this checklist to select your custom work-out experiences and build your unique work-out plan.

Video 1: Introducing Confidence

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