March Heart Work: CONFUSION

Confusion gets a bad wrap, but it’s necessary for a compassionate heart, a full life, and a stance for justice. When we are certain, we tend to shut ourselves off from ideas, people, and connection. Come examine the role of certainty and confusion in your life, and explore the heart work for building a practice of confusion and connection.

Start Here: "A Case for Confusion"

I have a teacher who says: “always argue for a state of absolute confusion.” For 34 years of my life, I wasn’t ready — and couldn’t have understood — that message. This month’s practice is about learning to feel — to tolerate — confusion. On purpose. As a practice. And, in doing so, learning how to note and dis-arm our certainty.

Article 2: Three Ways Your Certainty Can Harm Others

Certainty can often function in opposition to social justice, and to limit our capacity to courage on behalf of justice in the world. Here are three concrete ways certainty gets in the way of our intentions to ally-as-a-verb and even operates as a form of oppression.

Free Resource: Custom Heart Work Out

Use this free checklist to build your custom heart work-out plan to practice more confusion and less certainty.

Video 1: Introducing Confusion

Start here to learn more about this month’s exploration of confusion and certainty.

Video 2: How We Do Anything is How We Do Everything

A personal story about confusion. And, some insight on examining where in our lives we push someone or something away because it dredges up sometimes hard-to-hold feelings of confusion.

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