April Course Work: SENSE OF URGENCY

Most of us are taught that sense of urgency is a critical leadership skill. But the costs — to people, to culture, to impact, and to equity — are often dangerously invisible and far outweigh the benefits. This month’s practice is about UNlearning urgency, and leading/living from a sense of importance instead.

Start Here: Operating Under the Influence of Urgency

It is possible to work: hard, efficiently, with purpose, on stuff that matters and is treated as important AND … to leave the urgency at the door. To not assert that onto others, or ourselves.

Free Resource: Custom Heart Work for Slowing Down

Heart Work is not a one-off. To live in radically disruptive ways requires intentional practice. Use this checklist to select your custom work-out experiences and build your unique work-out plan.

Video 1: Introducing Sense of Urgency

Start here to learn more about this month’s exploration of sense of urgency.

Video 2: A Dialogue About Race, Justice, and Slowing Down

This is a 12-minute highlight reel of my conversation with Mari, a friend, colleague, community organizer, consultant, and practitioner of Buddhism. We talk about interrupting urgency and what all of that has to do with race and racial justice.

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